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Friday, August 3, 2007
Vacation Time
Well, it's finally here-Well almost. Countdown is on.
Tomorrow we are leaving on a much overdue holiday. It seems every time we try to get outa Dodge, something big happens. Last year we ended up with a foot of muddy water in our basement 3 days before we were to leave, the year before last the MIL got very ill, and we stayed home. We are counting the hours, hoping nothing tragic happens in the next 24 hours.

We are heading north to Thompson, then south into the US of A-maybe to Sturgess. The only time I've been to the states was to Vegas, many years ago in my other life. I'm not looking forward to crossing the border-I get searched going in! We were the only people from a charter plane that had our suitcases ripped apart before we were allowed to leave the airport. Coming back was even worse-the customs people went thru absolutely everything-found nothing-but was still very frustrating. I can't even get on a plane without a major hassle-I must have a guilty looking face.

The trailer is packed, the bike is shined up and ready to go, the forecast is favourable-life is good.


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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Grace is Back
Yep-just when the clumsies were fading away-you guessed it-they're back!

I'd been having a stumble and bump kinda day-thought maybe it had something to do with an increase in meds-however nothing too serious. Then tonite I'm out working in the rock garden and up on the deck-stumbled over a rock, crashed into a piece of protruding 2x4(which by the way was promptly removed)-and fell(rolled) down the steps off the deck-hurt my ribs and skinned and bruised my leg from the hip down. I still have not lost the ability to do these graceful things at a really slow pace-didn't even drop my smoke! I think a soak in the tub is in store for me tonite. Of course we are going to a wedding this week end, hope my dress covers the worst of the damage on my knee and shin. I'll just tell everyone I fell off the motorcycle-that's a much better story.

My Drs. have put me on half time work-disability-whatever you want to call it-problem being my boss is less than sympathetic-it seems I am really inconveniencing him! I should have been on disability last fall already, but kept refusing, but things have gotten to a point that I just can't go on like this. In the mean time-I am still working full time as apparently I am not so easy to replace!

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow-after all it is Friday!


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Sunday, July 15, 2007
Sunday Already?
Man-where does the time go? We've been so damn busy finishing up renovations that the time has just flown by.

I've learned that the new hubby and I can successfully do renos together and still be talking(nicely) at the end of the day.

Got lucky yesterday-no-not like that-I was out weeding in the rock garden-reached under a big ball cedar and was pulling some chickweed-lifted a couple of branches to see what else was there and found a wasp nest-little buggers were just gonna get me-problem being I am allergic. Don't know how I didn't manage to grab the whole damn nest. I jumped up on the deck-I'm a big girl and don't just "jump" anywhere and flew into the house-last nite my hubby hero blasted the nest-should solve that problem.

The MIL is coming home tonite after a 4 month holiday-hopefully she appreciates the colors we've chosen and other renos we've done.(She lives with us)

SIL L*** is still struggling with sewer back up-I send my sympathy-what a nasty thing to be happening-over and over again. Only good thing I can say is that ata least it didn't happen the week end her daughter-my niece-got married.

Speaking of which-what a good time we had! This family I married into are a group of warm, funny, welcoming people. I got to do something I never thought I would do-help a bride get ready for her wedding-K****-I can't begin to tell you how much this touched me-it was just such a special feeling!(luv ya lots)

Yep-I feel I've been totally adopted! I feel more a part of my new family in a very short time than I ever did with the other inlaws. Actually-My SIL is more like a sister-and the step kids-they are not step-they are mine by default(unfortunately their mom is deceased.) And as Blue points out-my children aren't half anything-they are her brothers, and my one daughter in law is their sister-Blue is already first in line for babysitting should they decide to have kids!

This turned out to be another rambling post-but so appropriate for Sunday-listing some of the things for which I am grateful
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Motorcycle Mama???
Last nite we went for a bike ride-only this time I was driving! It's been a few years, and I'd only ever driven off-road-lots of dirt bikes. I did end up off-roadng however-the throttle stuck-my hubby knew it was sticky!, and I drove into the ditch and came up on the other side. This I knew how to do! Of course I didn't have my leathers on-there was no way I was putting the bike down when I didn't have my protection. I also found the bike a bit heavy on the steering-turns out the ties are under-inflated-yeah he knew that too. Thanks a bunch. anyway-by tonite everything will be remedied-I hope-and we'll carry on.

My poor sil is going thru the same thing we went thru a year ago-her basement is flooded-only they had a sewer back up-ours was just water and mud. Good luck to them when dealing with the insurance company-we've had nothing but grief-and this was a watermain break on town property-we were in no way at fault. We still have a ton of stuff to replace-who woulda thunk I'd be sick of shopping.

Missed Blue's b'day-did send an ecard, which unfortunately didn't arrive! Guess we'll have to make it up to her some how-do u forgive us?

Not only r we renovating downstairs after the flood, we also decided to do some stuff upstairs-there is not a room in the house that is finished at this point! We start a project, then something else comes up and we carry on in another area. We have decided to put everything on hold 'til October-the nice weather in this area is a very short season, and we want to enjoy the great outdoors golfing, biking and gardening.

Happy b'day to Sponge Bob-not sure how to get a hold of her-hopefully she reads this.

That's it-that's all.


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Sunday, July 1, 2007
Busy Busy Busy
June is gone! Where did it go? I only got 6 rounds of golf in-that sucks.

The anniversary of the big flood came and went-no we didn't celebrate-we just carried on fixing up the ruins, which actually aren't looking that bad. My sewing room is almost ready to go-I have an island cutting table!! And cupboards and drawers for storing everything-life is good!
Also painting upstairs-new doors and trim as well-what do we do in our spare time u ask? sleeeeep.

The front yard has also come back together after having been dug right up. I have to either make more room, or get rid of some stuff-my green thumb has become evident, perrenials are spreading out like crazy! This is the year of no annuals-luvin it.

Yeah-I know-what a boring post-got writer's block already


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Monday, June 25, 2007
Chocolate is a food group isn't it??
Thanks to Blue, I now have a much nicer, far more appropriate template-Thanks!!

I optimistically dressed in golf-like attire today-it is Ladies Night at my club. By mid morning I had gone home for a jacket-should have put on tights, a toque and picked up an umbrella while I was at it-crummy cold rainy weather. Now I have to do something constructive tonite-like paint or clean-or maybe go get warmed up in the whirlpool tub we just installed.

Yesterday Stuperman's party was great-finally had an almost decent visit with Blue-it just didn't last long enough-got to see the boys in action-and they are all boy-just like my two were, and got schooled on some cool new toys.

Got thru my day with no major mishaps-as you will see in future posts, I am a bit of a clutz, and a dumb blonde to boot-a hell of a combo. It does however entertain many important people in my life-many of whom think I should write a book about my many mishaps. I will say the tripping and stumbling has improved somewhat since I got my glasses.

One of the first things I have to share is the little biker mama incident. Blue's dad and I had just started dating, and we went to see Blue and her family at a restaurant for coffee. I got all decked out with all the gear to hop on the bike when I discovered my neck warmer was missing. Back into the restaurant I went-helmet and all, to look for it. Something didn't quite feel right as I bent over to pick up my warmer from under the floor of the table where we had been sitting-I hadn't done my chaps up properly, and gravity was winning-I tried to get them done up as all the patrons kept an eye on me, but it was a losing battle. I gathered the belt of my chaps together, and exited left with as much dignity as I could-hopped on the bike and said let's go-by the way honey-we can never go back there again. And he still asked me to marry him!!

Stay tuned for the burial and prayers of a bag of flour, more black leather mishaps, fun on the golf course, and the ever popular-you're the techie??


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Saturday, June 23, 2007
The First Time
One of my new daughters blogs all the time, so I thought I'd try this too. New daughter refers to
one of 3 wonderful children who welcomed me into their lives 3 years ago. I was friends with their sexy father,(I can hear the gagging sounds from here blue) we started dating, and presto-I started signing my visa slips with a different name!

Three years ago I started a new life-kept the good of the old life-pitched the bad, moved,changed jobs, gained kids (for a total of 5) and grandkids, lots of great in-laws, learned to trust again and became a mother-inlaw (I had been practicing a long time for this role).

Life is good-there is a golf game in the near future, we're going to Stuperman's birthday tomorrow, the weather is great, I got some more great fabric from ebay and we're going shopping in the city with the motorcyle and trailer today.

All this and heaven too!


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